Launch your applications anywhere and anytime. No ads and full features.

Luminare is still on development. Please help improve Luminare by sending feedback, suggestions, and bug reports to Follow cassotech : @cassotech

Inspired by Startmenu, Luminare-Beta is an application which helps users to run their favorite applications anywhere and anytime without the need to go back to their homescreen and search for the applications in their drawer.

– No ads
– Allow user to move the Luminare Button to anyside of their screen
– Allow user to add their own installed applications as many as they want to the so called start menu
– Allow user to rearrange the position of the added applications by drag and drop
– Allow user to remove the added applications by drag and drop it to top or bottom
– Allow user to show and hide the Luminare Button
– Allow user to modify the opacity of Luminare Button and select the color of Luminare Button
– Simple design and animations

Luminare has been tested on Acer Liquid E380 and HTC One A9




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